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Meet Our Executive Board


Michelle Jenkins

Chief Executive Officer

Serving as our Chief Executive Officer, Michelle brings nearly a decade of legal experience to the table with a career-long commitment to criminal justice and policy reform. Michelle formerly served as Lead Counsel for the Illinois Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission and currently serves as Chief of Intergovernmental Affairs for the Illinois Department of Justice. When she's not amplifying voices, Michelle enjoys hiking, plays three instruments, and runs marathons. 

Robert Alexander

General Counsel

Robert is an award-winning Chicago lawyer and co-founder of Vanguard Advocates, LLP. Robert is a zealous advocate who is deeply concerned with the long-term effects mass incarceration has on people of color; his speaking engagements largely center around the issue and Robert is a respected authority on the issue. Robert graduated from DePaul Law School and Morehouse College. Prior to opening his firm, Robert studied and practiced the culinary arts. When he's not amplifying voices, he can be found within the pages of a good book, hanging with his pup, Trixie, or traveling. 

Rob Alexander Headshot.jpeg

David Chappell

Chief Financial Officer

David is a formidable development professional with thirteen years of non-profit experience. David is currently Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations at Family Focus, a Chicago-based nonprofit that provides economic empowerment for youth & families in Chicago. David has led and championed multi-million dollar fundraising efforts nationwide. He has a Masters of Non Profit Management & Leadership in addition to a Masters of History. When he's not amplifying voices, David is typically working on his next book which he hopes will be published in 2022! 

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