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Justice Freeman Fellowship

 The Justice Freeman Fellowship (JFF) is a full-time legal fellowship program for rising High School aged students with connections to the Englewood, North Lawndale, Woodlawn, Pullman, Roseland, and Back of the Yards communities. Studies show self efficacy and agency are paramount to students building the confidence needed to effectuate change in any field of study. JFF provides fellows with the job, training, and experience necessary for fellows to develop the self-efficacy and agency necessary to envision themselves as powerful catalysts in Chicago's justice system. Fellows will walk away from the JFF with an understanding of how the judicial system impacts their lives economically, politically, communally and personally. Equipped with this knowledge, Fellows will understand their power to influence the judicial system to the benefit of their communities. 

Fellowship, Eligibility, and Expectations

The Justice Freeman Fellowship will extend from June 20th to August 1st, 2024. Fellows will spend 6 - weeks, working full time at a local law firm. Fellows will earn a $1500 stipend and receive supplemental supports including, but not limited to, mentoring, lunch allowance, transportation allowance, professional attire allowance, two group field trips and financial planning services. 

Eligibility Requirements 

Ideal applicants are high school aged students with competitive GPAs beginning at 2.5. Preference will be given to those students that have connection to Englewood, North Lawndale, Woodlawn, Pullman, Roseland, and the Back of the Yards communities. Hopeful fellows don't have to be particularly interested in pursuing legal careers, however, they should  curious and interested in effectuating change in their communities. Competitive candidates will have strong writing skills and have shown some leadership skills in community or school activities.  

Application Documents

The application will feature two writing exercises, a resume/cover letter, and an interview for promising applicants. Hopeful fellows can prepare to submit two letters of recommendation from either academic instructors, extra curricular coaches, community leaders, or employers. Applicants are encouraged to be creative and show off their writing skills in their application. Writing exercises and recommendation letters are heavily weighted. Additionally with only 5 fellowship slots to available, we encourage applicants to use school and library resources to prepare for the interview. 

Student Commitment

Students considering the Justice Freeman Fellowship should be ready to commit to having an open mind, engaging respectfully with all program staff/ participants, and utilizing the resources provided by Amplified Voices and our community partners thoughtfully. Students should be committed to learning and having fun while doing so. 

Parent Commitment

We expect parents and/or guardians to commit to assisting their student wherever possible. Parents are expected to provide a safe space for their students to unwind from the new experiences they will have as legal fellows. Finally, parents should commit to communicating with Amplified Voices Staff; we want parents to feel comfortable voicing any concerns, offering suggestions, and/or building rapport with us. 

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